What is the MEGEN Masters?

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The MEGEN Master degree is a degree offered at the University of Paris – Sorbonne, member of COMUE Sorbonne Universités.

Objectives of the degree

The professional masters degree MEGEN (“Médiation interculturelle et traduction dans l’espace Germanique et Nordique”/ Intercultural mediation and translation in the Germanic and Nordic realm) seeks to create experts in the world of intercultural mediation and translation in the Germanic and Nordic spaces.

This degree places an emphasis on the development of two essential and complementary aspects:

  • understanding of intercultural exchange and transfer
  • knowledge of a diverse array of careers relevant to intercultural mediation literary translation in practice as well as practical understanding of the literary world and careers in modern language.

The specificity and originality of this degree come from its strong geographic focus centered upon the Germanic and Nordic realms. It offers its students the chance to develop a critical understanding of intercultural exchange and to acquire a diverse linguistic combination (required mastery of at least two of the six proposed specialty languages, in addition to English), and to prepare them to enter the emerging professions in the fields of intercultural and linguistic mediation in connection to Northern Europe.

The MEGEN master degree is a specialty degree within the MA of “Langues, littératures et civilisations étrangères (Modern languages, literatures and civilisations) in the department of Germanic Studies.

Application process and student profiles

The master MEGEN is meant mainly for applicants with a specialty in German, Dutch or Scandinavian studies, holding a BA in either Modern Languages or Applied Linguistics. Applications are also open to students with backgrounds in Literature, History or more generally to students coming from the Social Sciences with high-fluency, spoken and written, in at least one Germanic or Nordic language, who show an expressed interest in building competencies in translation and intercultural communication.

Admission to the degree is a selective process (total number of places: 30).

Candidates are selected based on completion of the following steps:

  1. Application found through the e-candidat system on the site of the Sorbonne, available after April 2015 (foreign students, please consult the procedures required by CampusFrance)
  2. Delivery of the following supporting documents: CV, personal statement, transcripts from previous institutions, recommendation letters

All applications must be received by the Department of Germanic Studies before 31st May, 2015

Successful applicants selected from this procedure will be invited to sit a language exam and a personal interview with the admissions committee.

Language exams and admissions interviews will take place during the month of June 2015.

Source : Toutes ces informations sont tirées de la brochure 2015. Translation by C.L. MEGEN’s student.

Source: All information is from the student prospectus 2015. Translation by C.L. MEGEN’s student. http://www.paris-sorbonne.fr/etudes-germaniques-et-nordiques (pamphlet version)


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