What skills does this degree develop?

What skills does this degree develop?

An international approach to cultural mediation

This program of study emphasizes an intercultural approach to a variety of academic fields, resulting the development of knowledge related to:

  • the history of cultural exchange as well as cultural contact between Nordic and Germanic nations with France
  • sociological issues in media and material culture (media history, cultural sociology)
  • political, institutional and administrative aspects of applied culture in the Germanic and Nordic regions
  • media
  • cultural project management
codex argentus

Codex Argentus

Studies in translation

This degree educates students in the practice of translation from German, Dutch and the Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic). This allows students to acquire the following:

  • the theoretical tools necessary for an understanding of issues related to linguistic mediation (history and theory of translation, comparative linguistics, writing styles, textual analysis, etc.)
  • practical skills taught by practicing professionals in the field of publishing, and namely, professional translators, carried out through a series of translation workshops dedicated to literary translation in every sense (literature, theatre, philosophy, history, art, YA literature, etc.) and through access to residencies (like the one in Arles, meant for emerging translators)

The array of conferences hosted by professionals in their field and the required internship in a cultural occupation complement the course of study and reinforce the professional nature of this degree. This allows students to familiarise themselves with the industries, projects and important players in the world of cultural and linguistic mediation and to lay the ground work for an initial professional network.

What paths does a MEGEN degree lead to?

Here are some examples of professional pathways:

European Union

European Union

  • careers in cultural and linguistic management, either abroad or in regional and international firms in France (like cultural services within diplomatic institutions, European institutions, and international organizations)
  • careers in culture within the public sector (municipal and regional administration, DRAC)
  • careers in translation (specialist or literary translation)
  • careers in publishing (readers, editing, book sales, archival work)
  • careers in mass media (radio, television, documentary film, print journalism)
  • cultural management (planning for cultural events)
  • careers in consulting and intercultural communication, ex: cultural institutes, private sector companies
  • careers in research and archives relating to the Germanic and Nordic societies
  • and in general, any career that calls for strong writing and linguistic skills as well as cultural understanding in industries with connections to the culture and history of Northern Europe

Source: All information is from the student prospectus 2015. Translation by C.L. MEGEN’s student. http://www.paris-sorbonne.fr/etudes-germaniques-et-nordiques (pamphlet version)



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